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How to Get Better Air Quality in the Winter

In the winter, it may seem like the latest virus comes back into your home over and over again. If your family members tend to get ill in the winter, it may be time to take action where you need it the most. Call our technicians to learn how you can get better air quality in the winter and throughout the year with a whole-house product tailored to your needs.

Air Filtration

The air filter already present in your heating system is meant to block out large particles that could damage your furnace. In addition, it can block out many allergens and irritants—but not all of them. Most air filters have limitations that allow mold spores and other air pollutants to continuously circulate in the air your family breathes.

Technicians may recommend a separate air filtration system if the standard air filter doesn’t work, one specially designed to catch the smaller allergens that cause the most irritation. Whole-house air filtration systems are pleated for a greater surface area that traps more particles overall.

Air Purifier

For the most severe indoor air quality issues, or when people in the home are ill or have immune system disorders, we often recommend advanced air purification technology. Ionization air purifying equipment, for example, charges particles in the air so they cling to another surface instead of floating through the air. UV air purifiers kill germs like bacteria and viruses on contact, rendering them harmless.

These types of systems are excellent choices for the wintertime, when the home is sealed up tightly and contaminants circulate quite frequently.


Finally, something you may need to do in the wintertime is to add a humidifier into your heating system. Humidifiers add moisture back into the air, which may help to reduce the number of bacteria in the air (as these often thrive in dry areas).

Besides, dry air dries out your sinuses, and that can make you stay sick for longer. Some humidity in the air helps you to fight off illness and feel more comfortable and healthy through the winter.

Let the experts at MarGo Plumbing Heating Cooling Inc. help you select your new indoor air quality system in Verona, NJ.

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