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Does a Leaky Water Heater Need Replacement?

It’s easy to jump to conclusions when you notice a leak in your water heater. Your first fear may be that you’ll have to replace the whole thing. And, unfortunately, this is often necessary.

However, there are times when a leaky water heater only needs a new component. Learn more about how to tell what your water leak means in this guide. And prevent future leaks by calling in professional plumbers for routine water heater maintenance visits.

Alternative Reasons for Your Water Heater Leak

Once a water heater tank starts to leak, most plumbers recommend immediate system replacement. However, it is possible that the water is not leaking from a corroding tank. These areas could also spring a leak, and the repair may be fairly simple for an experienced plumber.

  • Temperature and Pressure Valve – The temperature and pressure valve is meant to relieve the tank of pressure in case it gets too high, which could be dangerous. However, when it does leak, there may not be any serious threat to your home. It might only mean you need a new pressure relief valve, which a plumber can do with relative ease.
  • Drain Leak – The drain on your water heater is meant to allow you or your plumber to drain sediment from the tank that could cause damage. If the drain leaks, it may only need a cap or a replacement part.
  • Pipe Leaks – The inlet and outlet pipes for your water heater could suffer from a loose connection or they can become corroded, which means you’ll need repairs for the pipes—not a replacement for your water heater.
  • Condensation – Finally, condensation may occur if your water heater cools down and the air around it is warm—and this could cause water to drip from the tank. That may be because your water heater is not large enough, causing you to run out of hot water too quickly and cooling down the tank.

Remember, if the water heater is leaking from the tank, there is no way to really stop the corrosion. A new water heater will run more efficiently anyway, and a plumber will make sure the job is done right.

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