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UV Water Purifiers

UV Light Water Purifiers in Cedar Grove, NJ

Hard water is a common problem for residents of Cedar Grove, NJ, but while it may prove a nuisance with the mineral build-up, it’s not actually harmful to consume. The same can’t be said of bacteria or other contaminants in the water, which can make you quite sick or even endanger your health in the right (or wrong) circumstances. The solution is a UV water purifier, which uses ultraviolet light to kill the germs in your water. With it, biological contaminants won’t get into your water supply and you can rest easier knowing that your family's water supply is safe.

MarGo Plumbing Heating Cooling Inc. knows the ins and outs of UV water purifiers, and can guide you to the right system for your Cedar Grove home. Once that’s settled, we’ll install it with the professionalism and pride you expect, and be on hand to keep it maintained regularly and repaired during those infrequent occasions when the system needs to be fixed. An ultraviolet water purifier could be a game changer as far as keeping your family healthy goes. Contact our team today to let us show you how we can help!

Ultraviolet Light is the Key

Ultraviolet water treatment systems revolve around ultraviolet light, which lies beyond our ability to see, but which affects us nonetheless. UV light in sunlight causes our skin to tan or burn at the beach, and while ultraviolet lightbulbs are much less powerful – so harmless that we often use them in amusement parks and at rock concerts to make our white clothes glow in the dark – they prove absolutely lethal to germs and on–celled organisms. A UV water treatment system installed by MarGo Plumbing Heating Cooling Inc. simply takes that concept and applies it practically to your household water supply: turning a scientific constant into a potent weapon against germs and bacteria.

How It Works

An ultraviolet water purifier is actually a fairly simple system. It’s placed at the apex of your household water supply, where the main line brings water in from the Cedar Grove civic system into your home. That allows the UV water treatment to take place over your entire water supply: every drop passes through a sheet of ultraviolet light, killing or sterilizing every creepy crawly remaining in the water. As a result, your house is protected from bacterial contaminants and other dangers no matter what happens with the civic water system. That can help you sleep a litter easier at night, as well as reduce the risk of sickness and disease in your home.

We Cover It All

As with any other system, a UV water treatment set up demands periodic maintenance in order to keep functioning. MarGo Plumbing Heating Cooling Inc. will be there every time to change the lightbulb, check on the power source, and ensure that the system continues to function in your Cedar Grove home. We’re also available for repair and replacement services, should they become necessary, and of course we can perform installation services with the skill and professionalism you expect. Give us a call and talk to our friendly staff. We’ll spell out your options for you and help you find the system that works best!