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Frozen Pipes

Frozen Pipes in Cedar Grove, NJ

Different parts of the country have climate-specific issues that affect homes. Here in New Jersey, one of our specific household troubles based on the weather is frozen plumbing pipes during the winter. Poor pipe placement, low levels of pipe insulation, and broken heating equipment can all lead to the water in pipes freezing into solid ice. This not only blocks water flow, but it threatens to cause the pipes to burst, leading to even worse issues.

We’re licensed plumbers serving Cedar Grove, NJ and throughout Essex, Bergen, and Morris Counties, so we’re familiar with the troubles that frozen pipes can create. When you need the help of experienced, licensed plumber to thaw your pipes without bursting them, simply pick up the phone and contact us. Our plumbers offer a fast response, which is why our motto is Service Today!

The Troubles that Frozen Pipes Cause

Any unheated part of your home, or sections where pipes are exposed (such as the basement or under sink) presents the potential for the water in the pipes to freeze. This can create a variety of problems, such as forcing pipes to come loose, and can lead to a complete stoppage of water flow and sewage backups.

The number one concern when it comes to frozen pipes is that the freezing can cause the pipes to burst. When a pipe freezes, it creates an increase in the pressure within the pipe, often as much as 2000 psi. That’s enough to cause the pipe to laterally rupture and require major repairs—as well as releasing torrents of water into the house where it will cause extensive damage.

What Should You Do When You Have Frozen Pipes?

Here’s something to keep in mind: trying to melt the ice in a frozen pipe can actually cause the pipe to burst even sooner. As the ice melts, it will raise the pressure between the ice block and the taps. So you shouldn’t take any measures to heat up the pipes, such as using space heaters, hair dryers, or gas torches. Instead, open up faucets to let them drip slowly. This will help gradually relieve the pressure in the plumbing and remove the immediate concern of pipes bursting.

At this point, call on professional plumbers. They will know the best way to handle the necessary pipe thawing so that your pipes will not sustain damage. Plumbers will use a variety of methods to slowly and safely melt away the ice and restore your plumbing system.

Our Plumbers Are Here to Help with Pipe Thawing in Cedar Grove, NJ

During the winters in Cedar Grove and the surrounding areas, pipe thawing is one of our most important jobs at MarGo Plumbing Heating Cooling Inc.. When you call us, one of our plumbers will be out to your home as soon as possible with all the equipment necessary to see that you have your pipes thawed out and the emergency averted. Our plumbers can also help you with pipe insulation so that you can avoid issues like this in the future. We don’t want to simply offer a Band–Aid for a problem: we provide permanent solutions so you won’t need to call us back only a few days or weeks later.