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Water Leak Detection

Water Leak Detection Services in Cedar Grove, NJ

Water leaks, along with clogs, are one of the basic issues any plumber should be able to fix. No one needs to be reminded of what it feels like to wake up in the morning and see water slowly spreading across the kitchen floor, or even just having a drippy shower head that won’t seem to stop leaking in the morning. A good plumber should be able to take care of such issues as a matter of course.

Trouble arises when the leaks aren’t so obvious: taking place inside the crawlspaces of your walls, for example, or in an underground pipe that defies easy detection. It could be months before such a leak is detected and by the time that happens, the damage can be extensive.

At MarGo Plumbing Heating Cooling Inc., our trained staff knows how to conduct leak detection services using the latest in advanced technology to fix your leak. With us by your side, you can pinpoint the exact spot where a leak has occurred, then plan on fixing it the right way, instead of flailing around and hoping to get lucky. If you suspect a hidden leak in your home or you want to prevent one from occurring in the future, contact us today!

Why Leak Detection Is So Important

In some ways, obvious leaks are easier to deal with than slow leaks, because at least you’re aware of the problem comparatively quickly. A slow leak, on the other hand, will just drip, drip, drip away – or worse, simply mist – which means detecting it is very difficult. And if it’s located in a crawlspace or the like, it could damage surrounding drywall, insulation and even nearby electrical wiring before you finally detect it. It’s even worse in communities like Cedar Grove, NJ, which have older homes with older plumbing. Solving such problems is easy: the trouble is detecting it before it causes a lot of damage.

Signs You Can Spot

Spotting the signs of a water leak is tough, but you can do it with careful diligence and attention. Look for any changes in the flow of your water through a given outlet. Dropping pressure could mean a leak somewhere in the line. Similarly, check for unexpected spikes in your water bill, cold or warm spots near a potentially affected area, and any strange drips or puddles that appear out of nowhere. If you spot any of these signs or have any other reason to suspect a water leak, shut off your water and call in the trained experts at MarGo Plumbing Heating Cooling Inc. immediately!

Count on Us for the Rest!

In order to fix a leak, you first have to pinpoint it, which is tricky when it can’t readily be seen. We use sonic vibration detectors and similar technology, as well as miniature video cameras placed down your drain in order to get an inside view of the problem. Once we’ve completed water leak detection, we can proceed with repairs with the kind of confidence and commitment you expect, and the repairs themselves tend to proceed much more smoothly as a result. We service communities throughout Cedar Grove, NJ and our trained staff is ready to go on short notice, so contact us today!