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Backflow Prevention

Backflow Prevention Systems in Cedar Grove, NJ

A residential plumbing system, even for a small house, is a complicated network of pipes leading to fixtures, drains, taps, and appliances. But the network can be divided up into two distinct parts: the freshwater and wastewater sides. The water from the Cedar Grove, NJ municipal supply enters your home through a water main pipe and then branches to various outlets. The drains remove wastewater and solid waste to a sewer line and then out to the municipal sewer system.

The balance between these two sides isn’t automatically even, and this is why a device known as a backflow preventer should be an essential part of your residential plumbing. A backflow prevention device stops the accidental polluting of the freshwater side by the wastewater side. Our plumbers at MarGo Plumbing Heating Cooling Inc. install, test, repair, and replace backflow prevention devices in Essex, Morris, and Bergen Counties, so contact us whenever you need service for this key component of your home plumbing.

Why Backflow Prevention Is Necessary

Under normal conditions, there is no contact between the freshwater and wastewater sides of the plumbing in a home. But conditions can become abnormal in a hurry. A change in the pressure on either side can lead to backflow, where bacteria–filled sewage water is pulled into the freshwater side and creates major health hazards for the household. It can come from an increase in pressure from the wastewater side, pushing polluted water into the freshwater pipes, or a drop in pressure on the freshwater side, which will pull the wastewater over into the supply pipes. These conditions can occur for a number of reasons, most of which are not under your control: an accident at the sewage plant, a huge drain on water because of the fire department, a water main leak. Your plumbing needs to be prepared to stop prevent the consequences.

Backflow Prevention Testing

A backflow preventer is essentially a valve attached to the plumbing that will close if water attempt to flow the wrong way through it (this is called backsiphonage). It is situated so it will shut should sewage try to move upstream of the pipes. Your home should already have one in place. But the device must receive testing on a regular basis to safeguard health concerns. Only a certified testing plumber can do this job and provide the device with a clean bill of health. If the backflow preventer fails the test, a plumber can arrange to either repair it or have it replaced.

Contact Us for Backflow Prevention Services in Cedar Grove

Protecting the potable water in your home from contamination is necessary in order to keep your family safe. When you require professional service to test, repair, or replace your backflow preventer, simply call MarGo Plumbing Heating Cooling Inc. and we’ll arrange the work for you. If you aren’t certain about whether you have a backflow preventer, call us and we’ll find the device and take care of the necessary testing—and in the rare case that you actually don’t have a backflow preventer, we’ll of course be glad to install one for you. Everyone here wants to see that the water your family drinks is safe!