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How to Tell a Furnace Needs Replacement

We know that you might not give your furnace a lot of thought. All that matters for you, for most of the winter, is the temperature on the thermostat. Hopefully, you schedule furnace maintenance every year as well, but that won’t stop a furnace from failing.

Eventually, your furnace will need replacement, but you may not be able to tell when that is. Follow our advice on how to figure out you need furnace replacement, but always consult with a professional first.

Repairs Are Way Too Expensive

The best way to tell if your furnace needs replacement is by calling in a professional technician. Technicians may be able to quote you a price for repairs. But if the repair is going to cost about half the price of a brand-new furnace, most technicians recommend replacement—and we agree.

At a certain point, fixing a furnace really only serves as a temporary patch until the other components of the system, which are just as aged and worn down, start to fail as well. Replacing the furnace all at once is more cost-effective in the long run and can save you a lot of trouble.

The Furnace Is the Wrong Size

The size of your home is suited for one furnace size, and only one. If your furnace is too small, it won’t do a very good job of heating your home, and it could become overworked trying. It may be easy to tell when a furnace is too small because it runs continuously to little effect.

If it is too large, many people are surprised to hear, the problems can be just as bad. The furnace can short cycle, meaning it cycles on too frequently for shorter periods which also wears out the parts. It may need to be replaced prematurely, so don’t be surprised if a technician tells you it’s done for.

It’s Really Old

Finally, there comes a time when a furnace is simply so old, it’s not worth keeping around for any longer. A furnace is only meant to last about 15 years. Any longer, and the components start to wear down to the point that the heating system can no longer run efficiently and effectively. Plus, it may run into some safety issues. We recommend being proactive and replacing a furnace before it breaks down for good.

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