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The Benefits of an Air Purifier

There are a lot of harmful particles in our air, from germs to mold spores, that can inhibit our day to day life. Not only that, but those same organisms can produce powerful odors that can be nearly impossible to get rid of with standard cleaning equipment. Our noses might get used to the scents in our houses, but it doesn’t mean those nasty particles aren’t still there.

Air purification is a practice that’s been happening for thousands of years, from using specific medicinal candles to the utilization of salt lamps, but even with those small changes, it’s just not enough. That’s where we come in!

We provide sensible installation services for air purifiers in Clifton, NJ. By using advanced technology that only certified contractors have access to, we can destroy those harmful particles in your air and improve the smell of your home. Let’s talk about some of the benefits that come from a system like this.

How Does Air Purification Work?

Well, in our neck of the woods, there are two specific types of air purifiers that we use. These are electronic air purifiers and UV light purifiers. Each one of these systems uses its own process to effectively eliminate harmful particles and improve the smell of your home. Here’s how they work:

  • Electronic air purifier. These systems are complicated but stay with us. They ionize individual particles in the air by charging them with electrons. This ionization process can help the system identify and locate other particles in the air and draw them in to be removed. Since these particles are charged, they can be collected on a plate that has the opposite charge, enabling your system to act like a “catcher” for everything in your air that you don’t want.
  • UV air purifier. These systems function quite differently, but their effect is similar. This type of machine uses ultraviolet light, or a germicidal light, that destroys the DNA of microorganisms, from mold spores to bacteria. By placing them in your home’s ductwork, they can be kept far away from you so that the light only affects the particles you’re hoping to remove. It’s that easy!

What Are the Benefits?

Well, for starters, you’re going to be dealing with fewer germs in your air. That means you can say goodbye to the reoccurring coughs, colds, and other symptoms that would normally appear because of your stuffy air. By removing harmful particles in the air, you’re effectively destroying germs before they can get to you.

Also, these germs (and especially mold spores) often carry powerful odors with them. Our noses are sensitive, which means it can be very easy to pick up on fowl scents that are brought from mold and bacteria. Luckily, these systems remove the odors in the air as well as the particles themselves, leaving your air smelling cleaner and fresher than it did before! Honestly, with the amount of money homeowners spend on candles and technology to improve the scent of their homes, investing in an air purifier sounds like a no brainer!

Call the pros at MarGo Plumbing Heating Cooling Inc. if you’re interested in an air purifier!

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