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Chemical Drain Cleaners: Stay Away!

What do you know about chemical drain cleaners? Many homeowners would respond to that question with, “well, I’m not sure but they clean my drains.” How do you know they clean your drains? After all the fumes have settled, the gunk is clear from your sink, and a day has passed, does your drain really feel permanently better?

Statistically speaking, you’re more likely to harm your plumbing system by pouring those chemicals down there than you are to help it. Chemical drain cleaners are not a very good solution, if a solution at all, to your clogged drain. No chemical in the world will replace good old fashioned sink plumbing in Essex County.

Professional plumbers have the right tools and expertise to ensure they remove your drain clog without harming your plumbing system. There are clean, safe, and environmentally friendly ways to remove a clog—just ask one of our pros!

The Problem with Chemical Drain Cleaners

Hold your horses! Before you pour that liquid down your drain, wouldn’t you want to know what it does exactly? It’s not magical, it doesn’t just clean your drain through some unknown method. It’s a caustic material that seeks to dissolve the materials clogging your drain, which is both a blessing and a curse. Let us explain.

Hazardous Fumes

The first problem with these kinds of chemicals is that they release a lot of fumes when they’re used in your bathroom or kitchen. You can probably vividly remember what chemical drain cleaners smell like. That’s because they can irritate your nose, eyes, skin, and linger in your bathroom for days after they’ve been used. Wouldn’t it be nice to actually use your bathroom once your drain clog has been removed, without needing to itch your eyes incessantly? Stay away from these chemicals if you value your health.

Poor Plumbing Material

While they might actually dissolve the clog in your drain (there’s a reason why we’ve emphasized the word might), they’re still very harmful for your plumbing. In the handful of cases where chemical drain cleaners do remove the clog in your plumbing, they could also remove the lining that keeps things from leaking or breaking your pipes. Chemical drain cleaners don’t have a conscience, they dissolve whatever they come in contact with. That includes your pipe’s lining and potentially other sensitive aspects of your plumbing system.

Environmentally UNfriendly

Where do you think these chemicals go after you pour them down the drain? Food waste and other environmentally friendly materials will just be consumed by bacteria in your local water treatment plant, or contribute to the growth of the ecosystem as other waste does. Though, caustic chemicals will linger in the environment for longer than you’d probably like them to. Animals will consume them, they will endanger plant life, and start running amok in your local ecosystem. Consider this when you invest in a bottle of chemical drain cleaner and instead look towards a professional plumber that uses tools and water to get the job done.

Call the team at MarGo Plumbing Heating Cooling Inc. if you need your drain unclogged today!

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