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It’s Time to Fix That Filter!

We talk a lot on this blog about the importance of your air conditioner’s filter. It keeps contaminants at bay while the interior components of your AC are able to work towards the goal of cooling your home. Also, as a little added bonus, your air filter protects the air quality of your home! There’s really no good reason to allow this component to get clogged up with dust, debris, or other contaminants.

That being said, the true secret to having a filter in good shape is putting together a routine. If you can check your filter every 1-3 months, then you’re much more likely to be in good shape when protecting your home from inefficiency and repair needs.

Today we’d like to focus on the benefits of replacing your air filter, and also talk about when you might need your filter fixed! Don’t forget to call us for AC repair in Wayne, NJ if you notice anything suspicious about the condition your system is in.

The Benefits of Changing Your Air Filter

Your air filter is an incredibly important component of your air conditioner. That means you need to change it regularly to ensure it’s doing its job as intended. While that might be frustrating to some busy homeowners, take a look at some of the amazing reasons why your air filter might do more to make you happy and stress-free than you think!

  • It protects your AC. Air conditioners that go without a filter change can quickly become damaged beyond repair. Sure, it might start as one of your coils getting dirty or your compressor getting gunked up, but eventually that damage turns into a full system breakdown and an early replacement.
  • It keeps energy bills low. Your air conditioner relies on powerful air currents to enter and exit the system. When the air filter gets clogged up and stays clogged up, it will be unable to do this efficiently and it will soak up more energy to provide cooling for your home.
  • It reduces contaminants in your air. We mentioned this above, but there’s a huge bonus to having a fresh air filter in your AC, and that’s the improvement of your indoor air quality. While it’s not the main purpose of this filter, we welcome it with open arms!
  • It keeps your system from overheating or breaking down. Many problems can occur or compound all at once. A clogged air filter could lead to more energy being consumed, damaged interior components, and overheating to the point where your system breaks down. The best way to ward off all these problems is to replace your system’s filter regularly

Is Your Filter Broken?

It’s hard to replace an air filter if it’s broken! Don’t worry, the first step is figuring out whether it’s a disposable filter or a reusable one. If it’s disposable, you can simply purchase a new one. However, if it’s reusable, then you’ll need to call for help.

Here’s What to Do

Our team can provide you with a new filter if yours is damaged in any way. Just call our team and let us know about the problem you’re experiencing.

Call MarGo Plumbing Heating Cooling Inc. for help with your AC’s air filter!

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