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5 Prevalent Heatwave Tips

‘Tis the season for heatwaves! We’ve been bombarded with weather advisories about thunderstorms and heatwaves, and unfortunately, that’s probably going to happen until halfway through September. Heatwaves are a reality of living in an area like ours where we experience all four seasons.

However, it’s becoming more and more clear that these can be scary and uncomfortable weather occurrences. We’re not trying to be alarmist, but we want homeowners to have access to the right information so people remain safe and comfortable in their homes during a heatwave. These tips can also be great ways to keep pets, children, and the elderly safe and comfortable as well. So, let’s focus on keeping your home a sanctuary for the summertime.

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1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

This is a no-brainer, but we need to cover all of our bases and mention the most important aspect of living through a heatwave. Hydrate! Human beings require a lot of water, especially when we’re sweating during an exceptionally hot heatwave. We lose a lot of that water through sweat, breathing, and other means, so it’s important to hydrate.

Make sure children, the elderly, and our furry pets have access to clean drinking water as well. Dogs and cats especially can run into problems on a hot day because they don’t have the ability to sweat!

2. Wear Sunscreen and Limit Sunlight Exposure

While things might be hot overall during a heatwave, they’re exceptionally hot in direct sunlight. Some people can even cook an egg on surfaces that are heated by direct sunlight!

It’s important to both wear sunscreen and limit the amount of sunlight exposure you experience. It will dry you out, warm you up, and also cause other problems through prolonged exposure. Sunlight will also increase the temperature of your home in rooms with windows, so be sure to use curtains and shades to lower the sunlight exposure.

3. Don’t Set the Thermostat Too Low

This might seem counterintuitive but hold on. Your air conditioner can only reasonably cool the temperature of your home about 20 degrees below the outdoor temperature. Beyond that is asking too much of your system, since it will try to cool more but fail, while stressing out the components and consuming more energy. If it’s consistently hitting 100 degrees, set your AC to 80 and use other means to cool off.

4. Invest in a Dehumidifier and Ceiling Fan

Dehumidifiers and ceiling fans are great ways to reduce heat in your home. Moisture can hold heat better than the air, which means more humid conditions will feel hotter. Also, a ceiling fan helps circulate conditioned air, making rooms feel a lot cooler than they actually are!

5. Stay on the First Floor

Heat rises, which means that your second story will usually be hotter than the first. Try to ease the burden on your air conditioner and remain cool by staying on the first floor or enjoying some time in your finished basement.

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