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Why Professional Drain Cleaning Is Important

There’s a big difference between “professional drain cleaning” and just “drain cleaning.” Professional plumbers have access to a number of special tools that are different sizes, training, and experience in order to handle even the most clogged up drains. Homeowners, on the other hand, can sometimes spend hours upon hours trying to relieve even a moderate drain clog with no success. This is why we need to call attention to the difference.

We know that professional drain cleaning is more expensive than addressing a problem yourself. But when you spend ten hours and miss a day of work trying to relieve a stubborn clog, instead of calling a trained pro to get the job done in two, are you really saving that much money in the long run?

The answer is no, but we’ll get into the specifics below. To make a long story short—always trust a pro for plumbing in Clifton, NJ!

Better Tools for the Job

Professional plumbers just have better tools for the job at hand. A lot of equipment that a plumber uses isn’t available cheaply for homeowners to buy—and why would they? If you only ever use a hydro jetting system once or twice in your life, then you’re not getting your money’s worth if you decided to buy it yourself.

Professionals have these tools and they’re in great shape and used often. They’re also specifically trained to use this equipment, so it takes minimal time for them to address your stuck drain.

Experience Goes a Long Way

Not every home looks or operates the same. Your home might be a unique one, and you won’t find that out by searching for a guide online. Professional plumbers have seen everything, and their experience can be invaluable when running into a particularly stubborn or stuck drain. Or, if you’re nervous about your drain leaking and running into problems, then a professional plumber can be the right person to evaluate the drain and give you their opinion.

Calculate the Cost Yourself!

For homeowners who really want to save every penny, here’s a good tip. Try calculating the cost in time and money when you try to fix something yourself. If it takes you twenty hours and a lot of stress to clear a drain clog, then we want you to think of those hours as work hours. Imagine you were being paid during that time, how much would you charge? Plumbing problems can be frustrating, time-consuming, and take a lot longer for people who don’t have training. This means that you’ll be spending more time and essentially more money trying to clear a drain clog yourself.

And that doesn’t even get to the cost of parts and equipment you have to buy if you want to do this on your own. What we’re trying to say is: professional drain cleaning services get things done quickly, efficiently, and at as little cost to you as possible. When doing this work on your own, all bets are off.

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