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It’s Time for Furnace Maintenance!

Hey folks! While September is underway and we’re getting ready for the fall season, there’s an important topic we need to discuss. This is a big time to transition between cooling and heating seasons. An air conditioner needs to be put away properly in order to be stored correctly and safely, so it’s ready for use next year. However, taking the furnace out and getting it set up is going to be a bit trickier than you might think.

We’re talking about furnace maintenance in Essex County of course! This is a vital service that’s perfect for right before the heating season. A trained professional will take a hard look at your system, perform a thorough inspection, and they’ll even make adjustments or small fixes depending on the condition of the system. Then, the hope is that you’ll be more ready for the winter than ever.

We can even detect if your system requires a repair and schedule a fix before the cold really sets in. Wouldn’t that be great?

Why Furnace Maintenance in the Fall?

This is a good question and one we get often. The truth is that you don’t need furnace maintenance in the fall, and furnace maintenance is good pretty much any time of the year. The reason why fall is a great and convenient time for it is because temperatures are mild and schedules are open. We’re not so busy performing emergency heater repairs and replacements, so we can help you with your maintenance at a convenient time that works for you.

Also, fall gives us plenty of time to prepare for a repair or replacement in the future, if we discover that the system is in bad condition (or too old) during maintenance.

The Benefits of Furnace Maintenance

Here are some additional benefits of furnace maintenance, in case you weren’t convinced!

  • Stress relief. Sometimes, knowing that a professional HVAC technician is on the case can be a huge relief to you and your family. You’ll know deep down that your furnace is in good shape for the fall, winter, and spring.
  • Better comfort and temperature controls. A well-maintained furnace is going to be easier to control. It will simply be able to heat your home more effectively once the components are cleaned and inspected.
  • Higher system efficiency. A heating system like a gas furnace burns fuel. That fuel is not cheap and natural gas is getting more expensive as time goes on. Improving the efficiency of your furnace, even by a small fraction, means that it burns less fuel and saves you money month after month. Even if that’s $30 a month, that’s still an amount that can go to something else like a vacation fund or a Valentine’s Day dinner!
  • Diagnose hidden problems. Sometimes there are hidden problems in a furnace that can only really be detected by a trained professional who is inspecting it. Maintenance gives us a chance to spot those problems and address them.

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