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How Can You Tell When a Water Filtration System Needs Repair?

water-filtration-rapirsPlumbing problems can come in all shapes and sizes: anything from hard water deposits to a clog in the drain. You can solve a number of issues in your home’s plumbing system with a water filtration system. That can include anything from a reverse osmosis system to a water softener designed to remove mineral deposits in the water.

When placed at the apex of your water pipes, they can make your water cleaner, tastier and healthier. Most of them have comparatively few moving parts and can last a long time with regular maintenance. But sooner or later, every system breaks down, and when they do, you need to call in a team to determine what the repairs should be.

Signs You Need Repairs

It can be tricky spotting specific signs that your water filtration system needs repairs. Furthermore, no one should ever attempt to diagnose or repair a problem with their water filtration systems any more difficult than basic maintenance. Doing so could damage the system and make replacement necessary instead of just repairs.

That said, you can still keep an eye out for signs that the filtration system is malfunctioning and could use a repair service. Such signs are often subtle, but make themselves known in certain very specific ways.

  • The Water Tastes Different. If a filtration system or water softening system is falling down on the job, you’ll likely detect a difference in the taste of water from your tap. This can appear in food you’ve cooked with water from the tap, though it may be more difficult to spot if you usually drink bottled water from the store.
  • Water Pressure is Affected. A problem with the water filtration system could slow the flow of water out of your taps, which you can usually spot when you take a shower and realize that the water pressure it lower than you’d expect. You can also spot it if you notice the water from your faucet flowing slower than you’d like.
  • Strange Noises. Depending on the nature of your water filtration system, a problem can cause strange noises to move up your pipes. It can be anything from the sound of dripping or running water where no significant source can be found, gurgles, moans and even rumbles.

Move Swiftly

Whatever the issue is, it needs to be dealt with swiftly because the quality of your water is being affected. In some cases, this may be a mild concern – more of a nuisance than a serious problem – but homes with sickly residents may depend on water filtration for healthier water, and even homes without health concerns benefit from correcting an issue with the plumbing swiftly and effectively.

The moment you detect problems with your water supply, shut off the main water valve and call in a plumber. The main water valve controls the water for the whole home, and will prevent further damage to the system until a qualified plumber can sort out the problem.

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