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Trouble with Your Outside Faucets?

Outside faucets are super handy. They’re necessary for gardening projects, and with the temperatures warming up in our area, you don’t want to run inside every time your plants require water. They’re fun for the family, with the help of sprinklers and pools to escape the summer heat. Overall, no home is complete without the addition of an outside faucet for easy access to water.

However, if your outside faucets are running into trouble, they can be very obnoxious to deal with. We’re going to try and do some troubleshooting and give you some explicit directions when it’s finally time to call a plumber in Clifton, NJ.

Don’t panic, outside faucet systems are relatively simple. While they might endure more weathering and problems that come from being outdoors, they’re still a plumbing system. We’ll always be able to help you with your plumbing.

The Problem of Rust

Outside faucets rust more easily than indoor ones. Rust occurs when your metal plumbing appliance comes in contact with water and oxygen, which is plentiful in our atmosphere. Here in New Jersey, we get all four seasons as well, which means your outdoor faucets are also contracting and expanding season after season, icing up, developing cracks, and also rusting.

Sometimes when your outdoor faucet cracks due to ice expanding and rupturing the metal, there’s an increase in exposure to air and water since there’s more surface area of your appliance to rust. Basically, all of these problems work together to make it a harsh environment for your outdoor faucet.

Repairs and Replacement Services

If your outdoor faucet is becoming unusable, that’s not good. It could be due to rust, problems with the physical integrity of the appliance, or more. Here are a few problems you could be running into, and we’ll mention whether or not you need repairs or replacement.

When to Repair Your Outdoor Faucet

  • Poor water pressure. Water pressure can usually be a problem with your plumbing system itself. Before replacing the whole unit, we’d rather take a look as a plumber to see if we can’t locate the problem and fix it.
  • Rust-colored water. If you’ve got rusty-colored water coming from your pipe, this could be from built-up sediment, corrosion, rust, or something else. Our team can take a look.
  • The hose or other attachment is broken. While this might seem like a devastating problem, the fact is that the most exposed parts like hoses and faucet heads are the ones that break first. Your system still might work fine with a new head or hose.
  • It’s leaking. Leaks happen, and unless they’re in a bad spot, they can be patched up easily.

When to Replace Your Outdoor Faucet

  • It’s rusted through. If your whole outdoor faucet is rusted through, there are really no repairs we can make that would salvage it. You’re almost always better off with a whole unit replacement.
  • It’s not providing any water. This often drives a lot of homeowners to forget about their outdoor faucets because they don’t produce water. Unfortunately, then it’s just a waste of space. Call our team to have it replaced.

The professional plumbers at MarGo Plumbing Heating Cooling Inc. have your back. Call us today!

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