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Air Purification: A Smart Way to Clean Your Home

It’s time for spring cleaning! Get out the vacuum, the duster, the cleaning supplies, and take on the large projects you’ve been waiting all winter to start. Spring cleaning can be a great reason to spur the family into making their home feel like a sanctuary, and we’re all for it! That being said, you can’t clean everything with a pair of gloves, cleaning spray, and some paper towels.

Air purifiers are a wonderful tool that provides reoccurring cleaning power for the air of your home. As it runs, it eliminates contaminants through your ductwork before they enter your living space, so you never have to deal with those particles at all. Not only can our team perform the installation of an air purifier in Caldwell, NJ, but we will also tell you about why they’re such a great tool for your home.

What Contaminants Are We Talking About?

This is a good question! When you’re cleaning your home with normal cleaning supplies, it can be easy to tell what you’re fighting against. Mold, limescale, bugs, dirt, mud, or even stains that are causing you discomfort. These can all be approached with regular cleaning supplies because you can physically see the problems at hand and find the right tool for the job.

When it comes to air contaminants, these can be microscopic and almost impossible to detect. From viruses to bacteria, these contaminants can be just as dangerous and uncomfortable as the contaminants you can see, but there’s no real way for you to address them with normal cleaning supplies. An air purifier can specifically target these invisible contaminants, eliminate them, and keep your home clean and safe.

The Science Behind Purification

If you’re wondering how exactly an air purifier can keep your home clean, now you’re starting to ask the right questions. UV light air purifiers, which are the most common types, use ultraviolet light to get the job done. UV light produces a low amount of radiation that’s similar to the sun’s rays. This radiation is mostly harmless to humans but is absolutely devastating to microorganisms and single-celled organisms. It inhibits the cell’s ability to reproduce, which is essentially one of the main ways bacteria or viruses can cause an illness in a host. This means that as the organism passes through your ductwork and the UV light, it’s rendered harmless and is sent into your air for easy clean up with a paper towel, a vacuum, or to be sent out your open window.

Put It All Together

Some homeowners love their air purifiers but still need a little more help with their air quality. We often see the best solution as a combination of air purification and air filtration. The air filter catches larger particles like dust and debris, while the air purifier eliminates any of the microscopic contaminants that would otherwise make it through the filter to make you sick. This combined power of two systems that work excellently can keep your home safe, clear, comfortable, and contaminant-free!

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