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If Your Plumber Says This, It Might Be Time for a New Plumber!

We don’t mean to butt heads with “your guy.” Perhaps your previous plumber was a friend of yours, or maybe a family friend that has lived in the neighborhood for a long time. That’s great, and as members of this community too, we’re always happy when homeowners make those kinds of connections. However, when it comes to addressing your plumbing problems, any errors translate to money that goes streaming from your wallet.

We’re plumbing professionals, which means our main interest is in keeping your home plumbing in good shape. We want to save you money, provide alternative solutions when you need them, and overall help you when we can. This is just what professional plumbers in Clifton, NJ do. So, let’s talk about why some amateur plumbers out there could be telling you the wrong things to make an extra buck.

“You Should Be Fine for a Little While”

Plumbers often say this when it comes to slow drains, or problems with backflow. They could come and unclog a specific drain, or maybe help you deal with a sewer issue, but you don’t want temporary relief. Permanent solutions are what we specialize in. Sometimes, we’ll notice that many drains in your home are clogged, or we’ll use video pipe inspection to get a better look at your plumbing system. This is so that we can tell you point-blank that there’s something sinister going on in your plumbing and get to the bottom of it. We don’t like taking half-measures and we promise we’ll deal with all of the plumbing issues you need.

“We’ll have to Take Apart Your Pipes to Get a Better Look”

This is unacceptable in the 21st century. Plumbers don’t need to rip apart your plumbing system in order to look at how bad a drain clog might be. With video pipe inspection, we can get an up-close and personal look at your plumbing woes without taking anything apart! We’ll even be able to show you what the problem looks like so you know exactly what’s wrong inside your pipes. Then, we can work on getting you set up with a solution.

“It’s Going to Take a While”

Listen, we know that certain extensive plumbing jobs are going to take some time. If you’re replacing all the pipes in your home, or your bathroom furnishings are being replaced, it’s not going to get done in thirty minutes. However, you should be able to tell pretty clearly when a job is only supposed to take an hour, and when it’s taking longer than it should. If your plumber takes a whole day to clear out your drains, and even after the work is done you’re still left with slow drains or some other plumbing problem, then you’re working with the wrong plumber. Our team is quick on the draw, and we get to the bottom of whatever work needs to be done.

If you’ve been dealing with a plumber that’s been giving you unacceptable answers to your questions, then we think it’s time for a change.

Contact the team at MarGo Plumbing Heating Cooling Inc. for comprehensive plumbing care. We’ve got your back!

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