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How to Test a Sump Pump

Your sump pump saves you from a lot of headaches. Calling professionals to pump water out of your basement every time it fills up would be much costlier. And the potential water damage and mold growth that developed afterwards would make things a whole lot worse.

While your sump pump may be reliable so far, you might not realize it has failed when it finally stops working. Any electrical system breaks down at some point in time. It could be years from now when it finally fails or it could be months.

That’s why we recommend testing your sump pump about once a month or so. Your sump pump is designed to turn on only when water fills your basement, so you likely won’t know it has failed unless it fails a monthly test run.

Checking your sump pump is fairly simple.

  • Check the system – Take a look at the pipe outside where water drains as your sump pump moves it out. If you see any debris or buildup in the pipe, remove it. Check the sump pump system itself as well. If you notice any major damage to the system, it might be time to call a plumber for a replacement unit.
  • Test the motor – When you unplug the cord from the wall and plug it back in, you should be able to hear the system starting up.
  • Add water – Finally, it’s time to make sure the float and the motor will work when you need it. Add water into the sump pit until it passes the float valve that activates the system. Make sure that water drains out of the system in a timely manner. Wait until it’s all out of the pit, and then refill it to ensure it activates again.

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