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3 Ways to Care for Your Garbage Disposal

Many of us have had to deal with garbage disposal issues in the past. These can be quite frustrating, since your garbage disposal makes it so easy for you to cook and clean without worrying about clogs. And it seems like such a small issue for you to have to call in a plumber.

Take care of your garbage disposal and help to prevent problems in your kitchen drains with these tips. Call our experts for more information!

#1: Don’t Put Your Hand In It

The truth is that your garbage disposal isn’t exactly sharp, as you may imagine. The “blades” are not really blades at all. Rather, there is an impeller that uses centrifugal force to fling food waste to a grind ring that processes the food into tiny bits.

That doesn’t mean it’s safe to put your hand in. The effect of the impeller could still lead to cuts and bruises. And the reason your garbage disposal has stopped may be shards of glass or something else you wouldn’t want to cut into your hand. Try the reset button underneath the sink first and foremost. If that doesn’t help the situation, call a plumber.

#2: Avoid Damages

The easiest way to avoid damage to your garbage disposal is to know what can and what cannot go down into the kitchen sink. Most things you could (feasibly) chew with your own teeth are acceptable. But some items that are not acceptable include:

  • Hard food items like meat bones, popcorn kernels, and fruit pits
  • Non-foods, like plastic wrappers
  • Stringy, fibrous substances like onion skins and large pieces of celery (which can wrap around the unit)
  • FOG (fats, oils, and grease, which coat the garbage disposal and your drainpipe)

#3: Know How to Clean It

Finally, you should keep the garbage disposal clean to keep it working smoothly and to avoid foul odors. Do not use those chemical drain cleaners you find on the shelves of hardware stores, as they can wear down the pipe lining. And, they are toxic!

Instead, dump some baking soda down the drain, and follow it up with white vinegar. That should do the trick!

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