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A High Efficiency Air Conditioner Helps You Save

When you’re looking around for the best air conditioner for your home, your first concern might be cost. The price tag means a lot to most homeowners, but we think there are other factors you should concern yourself with.

Calling around to save money doesn’t always work

We know that you may want to call around from place to place in order to find the cheapest estimate on a new installation. But that’s not the way to go about replacing your air conditioner.

The cheapest air conditioning installation is not going to be the best one. In fact, if a company is able to quote you a very low price over the phone, then the technicians are not doing their job. A good technician will consult with you to find a system that’s the right fit for your home first and foremost.

Besides, a cheap system is not an efficient one. It can cost a lot of money to run and, over time, you may find that low upfront cost may not have been worth it.

Check the efficiency rating

When you set out to install a new air conditioning system, be sure to check out the efficiency ratings first. The minimum efficiency rating for air conditioners installed in our area is a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) of 13. But you can get a much more efficient one from a local technician, and the energy savings over time may make up for the extra cost.

Efficiency and size go hand-in-hand

In order to have a system that works properly, it must be the right size for your home. If your air conditioning system is too small, it won’t really matter how efficiently it is rated. It may use a whole bunch of energy to try to cool down a space larger than its design is intended for. A large system can short cycle, running too frequently in quick bursts, which also wears down components and uses up energy.

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