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Three Serious Furnace Repairs You Might Need

Sure, you could read the title of this blog post and panic because nobody wants the worst problems possible to be occurring in their furnace. However, we’d like to offer a positive spin on this news as finding out there’s a problem with your furnace and dealing with it might be a better scenario than many homeowners might think.

While furnace repair in West Orange, NJ can often be a drag because it costs money and involves having a professional perform a service, it can ultimately save you money and keep you safe. This is exactly why we want to get to the bottom of your furnace repairs, no matter how bad they might be.

So buckle up, turn on the light in your basement and take a good, hard look at your furnace as you read ahead!

Serious Repairs to Consider

There shouldn’t be a problem with your heater that goes unaddressed. We need to start at step one and make sure your heater is functioning safely and effectively, so the worst-case scenario doesn’t happen. So, give our team a call immediately if you think you’ve got the following taking place.

  • Strange noises. This is the first perturbing issue that should be addressed quickly. Furnaces are supposed to function quietly, and a furnace that makes noises while it operates could quickly become a safety hazard or fail to heat your home properly. No matter what the sound is or how “used to it” you are, give our team a call today and make sure to shut off your natural gas line.
  • No heat at all. This is a pretty catastrophic problem, especially during the season where we’re still using our furnaces! If your heater isn’t working, there is absolutely something wrong with it and it must be addressed immediately. Don’t hesitate, call our team today. No matter what the underlying problem causing the issue is, you need a heater that works properly.
  • Pilot light problems. Do you have a pilot light that’s orange, yellow, or flickering? While that’s normally fine for an outdoor fireplace during the summer, that could signal some seriously bad news for a heater during the winter. Pilot light problems could signify a carbon monoxide leak, or a crack in your system which isn’t much better of a situation.
  • High heating bills. Not all of us have the luxury of spending thousands of dollars a year to heat our homes. In fact, we often pay too much as it is to keep the heat on, and you’ll find many homeowners that agree with this sentiment. However, high heating bills can signify that there’s something wrong with your furnace, and it’s worth hiring a professional to take a look.

Call the Pros

While we encourage you to know more about your furnace and to take a good look every once in awhile, we don’t encourage you to open it up and try fixing anything yourself. Gas furnaces are dangerous and must only be worked on by trained professionals—like us!

Call MarGo Plumbing Heating Cooling Inc. today for your furnace repairs!

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