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Efficiency Tips to Avoid Furnace Repair

When we say “avoid furnace repair” we’re not saying that because you hate seeing our team. There will be plenty of excuses for you to call our expert technicians. However, furnace repair, in general, is not a fun experience.

No matter how great your HVAC technician is, it doesn’t feel good having to pay money for a problem with your furnace that’s putting your life on hold. Especially when temperatures are cold, furnace repair in Verona, NJ is just not an experience that any homeowner wants to go through.

So, why not take a journey with us as we explore different ways to help you avoid having to call for repairs in the first place? After all, the best remedy for a problematic furnace is preventive measures. Before you pick up the phone to call us, try these few tips and remember that we’re always available when you’re having furnace troubles.

Things Aren’t Working Properly

So there you are on a chilly night, enjoying the heat of your furnace when suddenly you get the chills. Is your furnace breaking down? Perhaps there’s something wrong with your duct system? Stay calm and read on to pinpoint exactly what could be going on.

  • Check your air vents. If you feel a chill, you should immediately locate the nearest air vent and make sure it is clean and cleared of furniture or anything blocking it. Often times panicking homeowners call us only because their living room air vents are being covered by their couch and coffee table. If your air vents aren’t blowing out hot or warm air then you’ve got a worse problem.
  • Change the air filter. A struggling furnace with a dirty air filter will have trouble providing your home with warmed air. If you’re starting to feel chilly and it seems like your furnace isn’t doing the job, check the air filter and replace it. This can give your system fresh air and allow it to work more efficiently.
  • Check your thermostat. Did the battery die on your thermostat? Or perhaps the temperature is set incorrectly? We often get called to repair a furnace when really the thermostat just ran out of batteries or was miscalibrated. If your thermostat still seems to look normal and is set accordingly but temperatures are cold, give our team a call.
  • Call for professional service. Don’t panic, there could still be something minor that’s keeping your furnace from functioning effectively. The truth of the matter is, nothing will address a problematic furnace that’s not working correctly as thoroughly as a professional HVAC technician.

When you call us, we can come in and extensively check your furnace to make sure it still is in working condition. If there’s an issue, we’ll make a repair as quickly and effectively as possible, ensuring that you and your family have quality heat for the rest of the winter. After cleaning your vents, changing your air filter, and checking your thermostat, if you still feel a discrepancy in temperature within your home, then please give our team a call!

Having a malfunctioning furnace is no laughing matter. The team here at MarGo Plumbing Heating Cooling Inc. can give you a hand. Call us today!

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