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Common Causes for Furnace Repairs

Furnaces are the most common and reliable heating system found throughout the United States. That being said, no HVAC system is perfect, and if you’re the owner of a forced-air system like a furnace, then you’re probably going to run into one of these issues at some point. These problems can range anywhere from something as terrible as a gas leak to just a pilot light needing to be lit.

So, we figured we’d list out the most common problems we come across when we deal with furnaces. That way, when you smell gas or are dealing with high heating bills, you’ve got some information to signal what might be wrong with your heater. Then, you can estimate what it will cost to get it fixed and make the decision as quickly as possible.

Don’t thank us, just keep reading to learn more about your forced-air heater problems.

Common Issues

Whether your system is having trouble heating your home to the desired temperature, or it’s costing you an arm and a leg each month, one of the following causes could be leading to your frustration. If you keep reading, there’s a good chance your furnace problem is somewhere on this list!

  • Gas Leak. If you can smell the rotten egg smell of gas coming from your furnace, call a professional immediately. There could be a crack in your heat exchanger or something else causing combustible gas to enter your home. Go outside and call a technician immediately.
  • No Flame. If your gas furnace is on but there isn’t a flame burning, it could be from a pilot light that’s gone out. Many newer furnace models have an electronic pilot system that doesn’t need to be constantly lit all the time. If your furnace is an older model, make sure the pilot light is working and on.
  • No Airflow. If your system should be blowing a healthy amount of warm, comfortable air through your vents and it’s not—that is a major problem. This could signal a blocked air filter in your furnace that needs to be cleaned or replaced, which can be completed by any homeowner. However, if that doesn’t take care of the problem then you might want to give the pros a call.
  • Lukewarm air. If your thermostat is set to a comfortable temperature, but your fingers still feel like little frozen popsicles, then you’ve got a major issue on your hands. A furnace is supposed to be able to heat all of your home to a relatively comfortable temperature. If that’s not done, there’s likely a problem afoot.

These four problems are things we see all the time. There’s no need to worry if anything like this can be solved, or to pretend like these issues are just normal furnace problems. Give our professional team a call and we can get your system to produce the warm air you deserve to heat your home safely and securely all winter long.

Don’t hesitate to contact MarGo Plumbing Heating Cooling Inc. for furnace repair in Livingston, NJ.

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