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Slow Drains Are Slow to Go

Contrary to what the title might make you believe, this is not a children’s book. This is a blog post with the hope of informing you about the possible problems that could be causing your slow drains. There are some big differences between different types of slow drains, and it’s pretty important not to misdiagnose the problem with your plumbing.

The truth is, if you’re having one slow drain, that could be a problem that’s easily fixed. Something could be clogging your pipe, or there could be a leak that’s decreasing the pressure in your pipe system. Either way, one pipe is much easier to fix than an overhaul of your plumbing system.

However, when multiple drains in your home are having trouble and seem clogged, there could be a deeper, more sinister problem with your plumbing in West Orange, NJ. Keep reading and we’ll get into the specifics.

Single Drain Problem

Take a trip around your kitchen, bathroom, and anywhere you’ve got drains in your house. Do you only have one specific drain that’s having trouble clearing up? If you’re only dealing with one drain that has problems, chances are that whatever the problem is, it’s located in that one particular pipe. Using a drain snake, or contacting a professional plumber to hydro jet your pipes, are two comprehensive solutions to drain problems. Depending on where the pipe is located, the clog could be different, requiring different solutions to unclog. Bathroom drains tend to clog with hair and soap, kitchen drains usually clog with food waste (which can be avoided with the installation of a garbage disposal).

Multiple Drain Problems

If you take that journey through your home and you notice that a number of drains are having problems, you could be dealing with a much more serious problem. This could be located in your vent lines, main sewer line, or in your septic system.

These issues are usually located in less accessible areas of your home than single drain problems. That means you’re going to have a lot of initial trouble trying to find and diagnose these drains. An experienced plumber has the equipment to deal with a problem that’s deeper in your plumbing than you can reach. Tools like a professional machine auger or a hydro jet can push out whatever is clogging your plumbing system without having to do any invasive procedures.

What if the problem isn’t just a simple clog? Sometimes tree roots can crack and enter piping systems, decreasing pressure and eventually completely block them. Roots are persistent and can completely destroy an underground pipe system, causing incredible amounts of property damage that can be devastating to a homeowner that’s unprepared. That’s why it’s incredibly important to call a plumber at the first sight of multiple slow drains.

Avoiding Chemical Cleaners

We mentioned in our last post the reasoning behind why chemical drain cleaners can be a net negative for your plumbing system. If you’re noticing multiple slow drains, using chemical drain cleaner might make your plumbing problem much worse.

Are you having a problem with slow drains in your home? Don’t try to diagnose it yourself, call MarGo Plumbing Heating Cooling Inc. for professional plumbing service today!

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