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3 Common Furnace Problems that Raise Your Bill

Furnaces are some of the most affordable and efficient heating systems we have available. A furnace can be installed and run for an entire year at half the cost of some other heating systems, depending on the climate and the model. This means your furnace should be well-maintained, professionally installed, and quickly repaired whenever a problem arises.

All that being said, sometimes there are problems with a furnace that can ultimately make them cost more than they’re worth. Hopefully, if you weren’t aware of these few furnace issues, we’d like to take some time to ensure your furnace is running as affordably and efficiently as possible. Remember, if you think your furnace is consuming more fuel than you believe it should, or if it’s just costing more money than what it used to for comfortable heating in your home, call our team for furnace service in Clifton, NJ.

Keep Your Bills Low

When we mention your heating bill, we’re talking about the amount of money you pay each month for fuel or energy that your heater uses to run. A poorly running furnace, or a furnace that isn’t correctly installed will end up costing more even in monthly heating costs than your average well-maintained furnace. Let’s take a look at why.

The Wrong Fuel Source

We typically service two types of furnaces, gas and electric. The major difference between these two systems is the price of fuel or energy that your system will need to run. Natural gas tends to be cheaper but requires gas piping in order for you to appreciate the affordable comfort. Electric furnaces just require electricity, which is convenient but can end up costing more in running costs than a gas furnace. So, if you’ve got an electric furnace, you might see a more expensive heating bill. Call a professional if you think it’s time to switch the type of furnace you have, or at least explore some other efficient options like radiant heating.

Outdated Technology

Furnaces typically run anywhere from 10-15 years before they’re seriously outdated. When we say outdated, we don’t just mean more prone to breaking down—we also mean that it will run less efficiently. Don’t be surprised if your 20-year-old furnace still works, but costs twice as much to run each month than a replacement system would. If your furnace is getting up there in age and you suspect that this could be related to your heightened heating bills, give a professional a call today.

Neglected Maintenance

Furnaces require routine maintenance every year. This service is valuable because it allows for a trained service technician to inspect your system, fix any minor issues, and tell you when there is an upcoming repair. Without this service, you’ll be gambling with the life and efficiency of your system, and your heating bills might increase as a result.

Regardless of what you think the problem is, a professional HVAC technician will always be able to pinpoint the problem with your high heating bills and provide a solution.

Contact the team at MarGo Plumbing Heating Cooling Inc. for your tailored home solution to any heating problems.

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