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Spring AC Tips: Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Now that temperatures are starting to warm up and springtime is on the horizon, homeowners are starting to call us about air conditioning services. We’ve got a few months until things get hot, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting ready for these scorching hot temperatures early on in the year. For many people, that means organizing the installation or replacement of a new AC in Cedar Grove, NJ. If you’re just looking for the right team to get this job done, then you can stop right there and give us a call!

However, for anyone else that’s trying to learn about their AC installation or replacement this spring, we’ve got some news for you–the system needs to have a load calculation performed. An air conditioner that’s too small won’t be able to cool off your home, but an AC that’s too large will also lead to a few problems you’d probably rather avoid. Read on to learn more!

An AC That’s Too Small

First off, we’ll tackle the more obvious problem. An air conditioner that’s too small for your home simply won’t have the power to cool off the entire house. Centralized air conditioning systems (as well as heat pump systems) are designed to cool an entire home. They’re not like window units that can be set up in strategic locations. If the central air conditioner is too small for your house, it simply won’t be able to meet your comfort demands and might overheat as it runs for too long and causes stress to build up in the system.

An AC That’s Too Large

You might be thinking to yourself that a larger air conditioner isn’t ideal, but it’s not bad, right? Well, that’s not entirely true.

An AC that’s too large will fail to properly cool your home off in a normal cycle, which leads to a problem we call “short cycling,” that we’ll talk about below. Basically, an AC that’s too large will run your energy bill up, need to be replaced early, and might even need constant repairs.

Short Cycling

Does your AC run in short, frequent bursts? This isn’t normal, and it’s actually causing extensive wear and tear on certain components of the system. The start-up process is actually the most energy-intensive process that your air conditioner performs, so shorter cycles are going to cause your system to overwork.

An AC that’s too large will cool your home too quickly and abruptly shut down, causing only the start-up components to get worn down and require replacement too early.

Call Our Team for Professional Installation

The only surefire way to avoid these kinds of problems from happening to your air conditioner is through professional air conditioning installation. Our team has specific high-tech equipment that can measure the air in your home so that we accurately set you up with the right-sized AC unit. This is an expensive problem to avoid, so make sure you do everything you can to stop your AC from being the victim of a botched installation!

Contact MarGo Plumbing Heating Cooling Inc. for comprehensive central AC installation this spring!

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