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Is Your Thermostat on the Fritz?


While our attention might be on our heating systems at the end of this cold season, we can’t forget the valuable task that our thermostats perform. They’re the link between the HVAC system and our own comfort preferences, and the better your thermostat works, the better your heating system will work overall. So, it’s only necessary that we spend a little bit of time here and there to talk to our customers about thermostats!

Look, you might just need simple furnace repair in Montclair, NJ and in that case our team can gladly help. But this blog is devoted to the situations where you’re not entirely sure as to whether your home will require thermostat work or furnace repairs. We can help you get to the bottom of it!

Each of these points will talk about the connection between you and your heating system, and how a broken or old thermostat might be hindering that connection.

What Does a Malfunctioning Thermostat Look Like?

How does it feel when you adjust the temperature at your house? Are you constantly fighting against some invisible ebb and flow that doesn’t let you set the temperature correctly? Do you set it 5 degrees higher every time because it’s the only way you’ll be able to feel the difference?

Well, this could be a problem with your furnace system or it could be an issue with your thermostat. Thermostat repairs are actually a lot more affordable and fast than furnace repairs, so why not get your thermostat checked on first to narrow down the area of problems.

Poor Temperature Control

A faulty thermostat is going to have trouble controlling the temperature in your home. Seeing how this is the main objective of this piece of equipment, this is a major problem. When you call our team, make sure to tell us about your thermostat being unable to control the temperature correctly. It could be a calibration problem or a symptom of a different problem!

Subpar Efficiency Levels

When you set your thermostat higher to feel results, it might sound like a workaround for your heating system, but you might actually be running your HVAC system incorrectly. Even a furnace that’s working slightly harder to meet temperature demands because of a faulty thermostat will burn more fuel and run less efficiently than one with a thermostat in shape.

Sticking Switches

Sometimes switches on a thermostat can get stuck and you might feel the results. For instance, the “auto” switch might actually get pushed to “heat” and your HVAC system will get stuck on. This could lead to some severe temperature fluctuations that you were no prepared for.

Do yourself a favor and get your switches checked on by a professional so you’re not in danger of an issue developing.

Get Your Analog Thermostat Replaced Today!

Do you still utilize an analog thermostat? If yes, then you should definitely get it replaced! Analog thermostats haven’t been manufactured for decades and they’re all leading to problems associated with the old age of equipment. Touch screen, smart, and Wi-Fi enabled thermostats are easy to install and more affordable than ever. It’s time to upgrade!

Call MarGo Plumbing Heating Cooling Inc. to have your furnace or thermostat fixed by professionals.

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