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Does a Water Softener Make Sense for Your Home Plumbing?

Many people trust that the water coming into their homes is relatively harmless. While they may use a filter for drinking water, showers and bathroom sinks remain unprotected.

Some of the particulate that plumbers worry about the most are minerals like calcium and magnesium. The truth is that these minerals are not usually harmful to drink or brush your teeth with. But they do cause damage to plumbing systems.

A high level of minerals in the water is known as “hard water.” Hard water is not necessarily harmful to ingest. However, it can do some major damage to the plumbing components you use every day—potentially resulting in pipe failure.

How Hard Water Can Ruin Your Plumbing System

Have you ever noticed a chalky white buildup around your faucets or drains? This is a result of mineral deposits getting left behind as hard water moves down the drains. The good news is that you can clean these off.

However, what happens inside of the pipes is a different story. Your water pipes can build up these mineral deposits until they cake onto the lining of the pipes and restrict water from flowing through. That means that you may need a new set of pipes sooner than should be required.

In addition, these deposits can cake on to your appliances and ruin those too. That includes your dishwasher, washing machine, and even the coffee maker.

So Is a Whole-House Water Softener Right for You?

A whole-house water softener prevents the loss of your pipes and appliances. It is installed near where the water supply meets your home’s water pipes, so that the entire household gets the protection it needs. Soft water is better for your plumbing, your appliances, and even for cleaning (since soap does not lather so easily amongst minerals, resulting in soap scum and water spots).

We understand that you might be struggling with the thought of paying for a system that will also involve some maintenance. A water softener does require you to add salt periodically. However, what you save in replacing your pipes, fixtures, and appliances would be worth it.

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