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How a Drain Cleaning Specialist Takes Care of Tough Clogs

Many homeowners turn to chemical drain cleaners when tough clogs leave them frustrated. If water pools up as soon as you step in the shower or if a kitchen drain clog won’t let you clear out a sink full of dishes, you may want a quick fix. But if a plunger does not resolve the issue, we recommend turning to the help of professional plumbers.

Experienced, licensed plumbers have the tools available to get the job done faster. And these are far more effective than chemical drain cleaners (which are not safe for your drains!).

Drain Augers

Of course, every experienced plumber has an assortment of drain snakes and drain augers at their disposal. Drain augers come in all different sizes and designs. Some are only able to go through the drains manually whereas others are automatic. There are attachments that can be changed out to break through different types of clogs as needed. And typically, a plumber’s drain augers are more advanced than the types most homeowners pick up from stores.

Hydro Jetting Equipment

Hydro jetters are long, thin hoses that blast out water at an extreme pressure. Plumbers feed this through the drain to blast away residue from the lining of the pipe. This is effective because grease that clings to the inside of the pipes is often the cause of your drain clogs, and it may help to prevent clogs from returning to your drains anytime soon.

Bio Clean

A plumber would never use chemical drain cleaner because it’s toxic and damaging to the inside of the pipes. Besides, most chemicals can only dissolve some organic substances at the opening of the drains, leaving others behind. Bio Clean is different. Bacteria and enzymes eat away at organic substances in the drains, clearing them up without damaging the pipe materials.

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