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Winter Is on the Way: Winterize Outdoor Faucets

As local temperatures start to drop, our plumbers want you to know one important thing: taking care of your plumbing system now can help to save you a lot of money and energy next spring.

We know that may seem like a long way off. But would you rather take on a couple of small maintenance tasks now or pay money to replace your outdoor faucets and piping a few months later?

What Makes Winterizing Outdoor Faucets So Necessary

The faucets outside of your home are much more exposed to the cold than the pipes inside of your home. And that means they can be a lot more susceptible to freezing.

When water freezes inside of the pipes, it may be a bigger deal than you think. Water expands when it freezes. And that means that pipes and fixtures can take on a lot of extra pressure as water freezes. Pipes and faucets are forced to expand and contract as water within them freezes and thaws. And that’s how your plumbing springs a leak.

You must drain your outdoor faucets of water so that they are prepared to make it through the winter without any issues.

How to Winterize Outdoor Faucets

Getting ready for winter means testing smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, changing air filters, and calling for professional heating maintenance. But you have to prepare your plumbing system too. Here’s how you can get the outside faucets ready for winter.

  • Detach hoses and other fittings from the outdoor faucet. Drain them of water and store them away.
  • Locate your water shut-off valve—the one that leads to the outdoor faucets. Shut it off by turning the valve clockwise all the way, and leave the water off all throughout the winter.
  • Drain outdoor faucets by opening up the outdoor faucets and leaving them open. That way, you’ll feel confident that every last drop is out.

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