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Three Plumbing Appliances That Are Worth the Investment

It’s time to talk about plumbing investments and the technology created to make our lives easier. It might be simple to get stuck thinking of your plumbing system like just the pipes and waterways underneath your home, but it’s just not that basic. Sometimes there are plumbing appliances that do an incredible job at making our lives easier and more convenient. Take the garbage disposal as an example: a simple solution to a complicated plumbing problem that has plagued us for decades.

The important thing to take away from this blog post is that only a licensed professional can provide quality plumbing in Montclair when it comes to these upgrades. If any of these plumbing solutions sound like an important addition to your home, be sure to call us so we can discuss your options.

Our prices are fair and we always get the job done right!

Upgrades Based on Data and Convenience

These upgrades aren’t just nifty devices that we like to sell homeowners during the holidays. In fact, these are long-term solutions to problems that can plague your home’s plumbing system. Think of them as investments, ways that you can use scientific data and technology to make improvements that you didn’t even know your plumbing system needed.

Sometimes a home might even be legally required to be upgraded with one of these systems, like certain zoning requirements involve backflow preventers to keep homes safe and secure. Check with our professionals so you only make upgrades that you really need.

Garbage Disposals

Food waste can be one of the biggest contributors to drain clogs in the plumbing industry. Every time you cook dinner and wash off your cutting board, you’re potentially adding to a developing clog that’s going to eventually cause you problems. While you could invest in yearly drain cleaning (which every homeowner should invest in quite honestly), you can also add a layer of protection and convenience to your home with a garbage disposal.

These systems grind up your food waste so it can be easily digested by your plumbing system and sent to a waste treatment plant for more environmentally friendly processing. It’s a simple, easy, and convenient solution.

Backflow Preventers

Backflow preventers are legally mandated in some plumbing zones, and in other situations, they’re a great safeguard. They basically make sure that wastewater only flows in one direction, sensing when any backflow is headed in the opposite direction and stopping the flow of water entirely.

This can be great because it essentially blocks your home from experiencing contamination in the water system and keeps your plumbing system in great shape. Check with your local municipality to see if you need a backflow preventer installed for legal reasons.

Water Softeners

If you’re suffering from hard water, the signs can be obvious. Itchy, dry skin, soap stains on your dishes, laundry detergent that won’t dissolve, mineral buildup in your appliances … these are the symptoms of hard water problems.

Luckily, a water softener is a perfect solution for a home with these issues. It can remove the minerals from the water safely and effectively while leaving your appliances and plumbing system to function as intended.

Call MarGo Plumbing Heating Cooling Inc. for comprehensive plumbing care, as well as convenient upgrades.

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