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How to Pick Out Your New Bathroom Faucet

Whether you’re replacing a bathroom faucet that’s never worked quite the way you wanted or you’re upgrading the design of your bathroom, you’ll want to put some thought into your new faucet. Today, we offer some advice for those looking around for a new faucet for the bathroom sink. If you need more help, just call our friendly team of trained plumbers.


There are so many different finishes out there, it can be really tough to choose. You can go with the standard polished chrome, but that may sound too average for your unique style. Some finishes, like brushed bronze, give it a more vintage look, while others, like polished nickel, really stand out.

One easy way to choose is to match your faucet to the hardware that’s already spread throughout your bathroom. Or if you’re looking for something easy-to-clean, avoid polished finishes that show smudges and water spots.


Try visiting a local hardware store or check out pictures online. The curvature and height of the faucet will really be a personal preference. You may want to ask your plumbing contractor if there’s a brand they specialize in, and try comparing options available from that company.


Today, there are several advanced features that make a new kitchen faucet more appealing to those who love technology and innovation. You may want a motion-activated faucet, or even one with sanitation capabilities built in.


Don’t worry too much about how the faucet will fit into your sink—if you’re calling a qualified plumber to install it for you. They can ensure you get the right fixture for your sink, or advise you of all of your options in case your first pick doesn’t work with your sink.

In general, you’ll want a faucet that matches up with the openings already in your sink area. A standard design has three holes, though your sink may be designed for a single hole sink or a wall-mount faucet. Ask your plumber for more information.

If you need faucet replacement in West Orange, NJ, contact MarGo Plumbing Heating Cooling Inc. Our quality, honesty and service is unbeatable.

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