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Eco-Friendly Plumbing Tips for Earth Day

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Earth Day is the perfect time to reflect on how to be more conscious of how our actions affect the planet. As homeowners, doing so has two benefits.

Not only are you doing something that’s good for the Earth, but you’re also helping out your home and your wallet by adopting more environmentally friendly habits.

One of the most important ways to save money while reducing wastage is through water conservation. According to the EPA, the average American home uses more than 300 gallons of water per day at home. Here are 6 ways you can make small changes to save a lot of water in your home.

1. Don’t Use Drain-Cleaning Chemicals

Not only do these not work, but they’re also bad for the environment–and your pipes. If you have a slow drain or one that’s completely clogged, call a professional for drain cleaning in Clifton, NJ rather than pouring caustic chemicals down the sink. 

2. Only Put Toilet Paper Down the Toilet

It may be tempting to drop a wet wipe, Q-tip, feminine hygiene product, or cat litter down the toilet, but doing so will eventually cause many problems not just to your home’s plumbing but to sewer systems and water treatment facilities. You should only ever flush toilet paper and human waste.

3. Insulation Blanket For Your Water Heater

Blankets keep you warm at night while you’re sleeping and the same principle applies to your water heater. An insulation blanket for your water heater helps it keep a consistent internal temperature so it doesn’t have to work as hard to heat your home’s water supply. 

4. Turn the Faucet Off When Not in Use

It’s easy to leave the water running when you’re engaged in tasks such as brushing your teeth, shaving, rinsing dishes, and even washing your hands. But turning off the faucet when you’re not directly using the water is a great way to save water. In fact, it’s been estimated that you can save 8 gallons of water each day by simply switching off the faucet in between those tasks. 

5. Switch to Energy-Efficient Appliances

Do you have an ancient dishwasher or washing machine that’s still plugging away but you’re not pleased with how much noise it makes or how it doesn’t really do its job well? Earth Day is the perfect excuse to upgrade an outdated water hog. Modern dishwashers and clothes washers are designed to be super eco-friendly and will use a lot less water than outdated machines.

6. Know the Signs of Leaks

Here’s a startling statistic: the average American homeowner loses 10,000 gallons of water every year due to hidden leaks. Not only is this wasteful, hidden leaks can result in a lot of damage to your home when they continue undetected. 

The best way to “spot” a hidden leak is to check your water bill. Steady increases or sudden spikes could indicate a water leak somewhere in your system. If you’re concerned about a potential leak, a professional plumber can check for leaks through leak detection services. 

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