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Should I Spend More Money on a Better Air Filter?

Can you have a cool, comfortable home in the summer and good enough air quality to get rid of your allergy and asthma symptoms? When you keep your air conditioner running all summer long, the air may get stuffy and stale. You have an air filter in place, but it might not be powerful enough to really clean your air of the smallest, most harmful of particles—like mold spores and pollen.

There are stronger air filters on the market

When you go to a home improvement or hardware store, you might notice that there are many types of filters available to you. The MERV (minimum energy reporting value) can give you a good idea of the filtration power of the filter you are considering. While the filter you have may carry a MERV rating of about 1-4, the scale goes much higher than this.

Your filter might block airflow into your home

There is actually such a thing as having a filter that is too effective. That means that the filter has tightly woven fibers that do block particles from coming in. The problem is that they can also block particles from coming in.

When air cannot get through to the air conditioner with ease, your AC system can struggle. It was designed for a certain amount of airflow. And any interruption to the air moving into the AC system will make it a lot harder for the system to cool you down efficiently. Your energy bills go up because the fan is working harder to bring air in. The coil may freeze, and the system could break down from overuse.

You can get an indoor air quality system

The best way to improve your indoor air quality is to get a supplementary indoor air quality system from a qualified HVAC technician. That way, you know that your indoor air quality is the best it can be. An air purifier helps to purify all of the air moving through your home without blocking it from entering the ducts in the first place.

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