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Does Your Boiler Really Need Annual Maintenance? Here’s the Answer


Annual maintenance is strongly recommended for many things. Your air conditioner, gas or electric furnace, water heater and more will all function better when they get a professional check-up every year.

If you heat with a boiler rather than a furnace, does it also need annual maintenance? It does. We’ll explain why, and how boiler maintenance will benefit your system.

What’s So Great About Boilers?

A boiler is a truly timeless classic of home heating comfort. This type of heating system has been in use for generations precisely because they work so well and keep working for so long. They require fewer repairs than furnaces because they have fewer moving parts to wear out or break down. And they last longer, partly for the same reason, and partly because they’re less vulnerable to corrosion.

Why Do Boilers Need Maintenance?

We did say that boilers require fewer repairs than furnaces, but that doesn’t mean they never have problems. And they’ll encounter problems that require repair much more often if they’re not maintained. Dust accumulates and lubrication wears away, and this will cause friction and wear and tear to increase. There can even be surprising issues like a squirrel nest blocking the vent flue!

What Happens During Boiler Maintenance?

Your technician will clean away dust and grime, grease the bearings that keep the circulator pump running smoothly, and check for any issues, small or large, that have cropped up during the year. All components will be inspected, the electrical draw will be tested, and gas lines will be checked for leaks. And of course, that squirrel nest will be removed so the exhaust can be safely vented. 

What Are the Benefits of Boiler Maintenance?

  • Safety: A blocked flue, a gas leak, incomplete combustion, or an electrical problem could all cause serious safety issues for you, your home, and your family. Gas or electrical fires or carbon monoxide poisoning are concerns you should take very seriously. Safety is our top priority when it comes to maintaining heating systems.
  • Efficiency: Excess friction or a struggling system will force the boiler to use more energy to accomplish the same task. Maintenance ensures you’re not spending more than necessary to keep your home warm.
  • Effectiveness: When all parts of your boiler are in tip-top condition, your home will be heated as evenly and comfortably as possible. It can also help to keep the boiler working more speedily, so it doesn’t take as long to heat your home, and there isn’t a delay in heating.
  • Life Expectancy: With consistent annual maintenance, a boiler can last a very long time. Sometimes they last 20 years or longer! You don’t want to waste that benefit and have to purchase a replacement, so be diligent about maintenance.

Now that you know how often to service a boiler in Clifton, NJ, we hope you’ll be enjoying all these benefits and keeping cozy with your boiler for many years to come.

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