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How Drain Cleaning Prevents These 3 Big Pipe Problems


How are things going in the drainage portion of your home’s plumbing pipes? Chances are, unless you’re currently dealing with a major clog, you haven’t thought about it in quite a while. Here’s the thing: drain pipe problems are not usually caused by one catastrophic thing, like a single item going down a drain. They’re caused by gradual buildup.

The good news is that gradual buildup is something you can deal with before serious issues develop. How? With professional drain cleaning, you can prevent major pipe problems. Here are three of the big ones and how drain cleaning keeps them from happening. 

Drain Clogs

Whether it’s your kitchen or bathroom sink, or your shower or tub, a clog in the drain can ruin your whole day—or longer. They prevent you from using an important part of your home’s plumbing, leading to stacks of unwashed dishes or an inability to bathe. And they can also cause very unpleasant smells to develop surprisingly quickly. 

In the kitchen, the substances that build up are most likely to be food particles and fat, oil, and grease. When these get washed down the drain, they often don’t simply wash away. Fat cools in your drain and solidifies, and other particles get caught in the greasy coating on the inside of your pipes. In the bathroom, clogs are more likely to be an accumulation of soap scum and hair. 

Sewer Backups

When drain water leaves your home, it all heads in one direction: the sewer pipe. This is a single large pipe that leads from your home to wherever your wastewater goes, either a main pipe of your municipal sewage system or a septic tank. Because everything that goes down the drains ends up in this pipe, it is affected by all of it: food waste, fat, hair, soap scum, minerals from hard water, and more.

Pipe Corrosion

Substances like soap and cleaning chemicals have a very high pH. This is why it would burn your skin if you left soap on it all day and all night. High-pH substances are caustic and can cause corrosion to metal. And buildup of any kind in your pipes allows water to cling and cause oxidation rather than passing easily through. All of this can rust the inside of your pipes.

Worse, the rust will roughen the inside of the pipes, leading to more buildup occurring and clogs happening faster. This can even tempt you to use more corrosive chemicals like liquid drain cleaners in an attempt to solve the problem. But adding to the corrosion will only worsen the problem! What can you do?

Professional Drain Cleaning

Using a hydrojet, a machine that pressurizes water, a plumber can scour away years of buildup from your sewer pipe and all the drain pipes that lead to it. No chemicals are needed, and everything from fat to minerals will be blasted away. Your sewer pipe won’t back up, your drains won’t clog, and even the pipes themselves will last longer, being protected from corrosion.

Professional drain cleaning in Livingston, NJ can prevent all these problems before they occur. Are you ready to be proactive with your plumbing? Schedule an appointment!

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