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The Importance of Prompt AC Repair


Life is full of so many urgent concerns that it’s understandable for people to try to put things off whenever possible. After all, you can’t always deal with everything immediately. But when it comes to a struggling air conditioner, you don’t want to postpone repairs. 

Imagine a car tire that is leaking air. If you pretend that nothing is wrong, the leak will get worse and worse. Eventually, you’ll be driving on a deflated tire, causing massive damage to the rim! This basic principle is true of other systems as well. If you know something is wrong with your air conditioner and you don’t have repairs done promptly, you’ll end up regretting it. Here’s what could happen. 

Small Issues Become Major Repairs

As in the car tire analogy above, an unresolved AC issue is likely to worsen or trigger other issues to develop. For example, if your air conditioner starts making a screeching noise, you probably just need the belt replaced. This is a quick and straightforward repair. But if the old belt tears and flaps around inside the unit, other components could be damaged, leading to more complex—and costly—repairs.

Breakdowns Are Likely

If your air conditioner is still running, despite making a strange noise or causing you concern in another way, you might think it’s okay to keep using it without getting repairs. But that could lead to the problem becoming catastrophically worse when a heat wave hits and the AC needs to run more of the time. It could break down entirely, leaving you sweaty and stressed while you wait for emergency repairs.

The Air Conditioner Uses More Energy

When an air conditioner is having a hard time, it usually has to use more energy to accomplish the same job. A refrigerant leak means insufficient refrigerant, so less heat per minute can be carried out of your home, so the system runs more of the time. Short cycling means frequent start-ups, which are the part of the cycle that uses the most electricity. Many other issues are similar.

You shouldn’t be paying extra to have the same job done—or worse, to have it done more poorly! Delaying AC repairs can lead to paying a lot more when your electric bill comes due. Don’t let this happen to you. Get AC repair in Clifton, NJ.

Shorter System Life

General wear and tear, and especially strain on the compressor, will decrease the lifespan of your air conditioner. Like all things, it will one day cease to work and need to be replaced. But you want to keep that day as far off as possible. Don’t allow a minor issue with your air conditioner to cause so much trouble that the system only lasts for five or eight years instead of ten or twelve.

Your air conditioner was an investment. Make the most of what you’ve already put into it by taking good care of it. Change the air filter monthly. Get annual professional maintenance. And whenever something is wrong, get repairs promptly.

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