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What You Should Know about Air Conditioner Sizing

AC-flowers-outsideMost people think about air conditioning sizing much in the same way they would think about picking out a new computer or smartphone. If you have the funds, you’re likely going to pick the one with the largest amount of memory or storage. The bigger the memory, the better. However, this is not often the case in picking out a new central AC unit.

A larger air conditioner won’t necessarily be better, as we’ll describe in the guide below. For more information, be sure to contact a local HVAC technician, and definitely do so before installing a new air conditioner. It’s so important to get one that is the right size for your home!

Why Small Air Conditioners Falter: It’s not worth the hassle!

A smaller air conditioner, as measured in tons or BTUs, can run into trouble for obvious reasons. The unit simply is not large enough to handle the large square footage of the rooms it is cooling. Sure, a smaller air conditioner will cost less to install. But in the long run, this is something you cannot afford to skimp on.

The air conditioner will have trouble cooling down the room, and will have to run for way longer than a larger air conditioner would to cool the home sufficiently. In fact, it runs for so long that the parts can wear down fast. When your air conditioner is small, you face a lot of potentially negative effects.

  • You may have to make frequent repairs for worn-down parts.
  • Monthly energy costs can be astronomical when you have an air conditioner that’s cooling the home nonstop.
  • You’ll likely have to replace the air conditioner far sooner than you otherwise would.

Short Cycling in Larger Air Conditioners: Bigger is not always better!

You might think that, in order to avoid repairs and keep the air conditioner for longer, you should get the biggest air conditioner you can. But this is not the case, either. An air conditioner can be too big, too; in fact, we see it often.

When an air conditioner is too big, the problem is that it shuts off too frequently. This can keep it from dehumidifying, first of all. But secondly, it will start up shortly after it shuts down, meaning it turns on and off too frequently in short bursts, something known as short cycling. Short cycling wears down the unit because it uses so much energy to start up. This means a shorter equipment lifespan.

How to Find the Perfect Air Conditioner for a Home

First of all, we strongly recommend against choosing an air conditioner based on the size. Yes, a smaller air conditioner will cost less, but so does a less efficient option that won’t break down on you so often. Air conditioning sizing is based on several factors:

  • Square footage,
  • Whether there is shading around the home,
  • Insulation,
  • Window placement,
  • And more.

What it all comes down to is that there is only one size that is right for your home. So what’s the best way to find it? Enlist the help of an experienced HVAC technician who can do the work for you!

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