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Our Guide to Emergency AC Repair

If you’ve got young children in the house, or an elderly parent staying with you, emergency air conditioning problems can be a stressful situation. Dealing with people who are overheating or dealing with health problems while temperatures are too hot to handle is something we’d like to help you and your family avoid. So, we want to talk about some ways to deal with emergency air conditioning service in Livingston, NJ, starting with calling our team for support.

Then, throughout the rest of this blog, we’d like to talk about some great ways to help mitigate the summer heat with projects, activities, and things that will cool you and your family down while our team gets to work.

When temperatures are nearing the three-digit mark, every minute counts. Follow this guide to get the most efficient and practical guide (not to mention the cheapest) on staying cool when you encounter a broken-down air conditioner on one of the year’s hottest days!

1. Call for Repairs

Time is everything when an emergency AC problem occurs, and we want you to start by calling us. We can quickly come to your home, evaluate the damage, and get to work fixing your air conditioner pronto. Don’t worry about your unique situation or air conditioning system, our licensed professionals are trained and experienced in this field.

2. Stay Hydrated

Human beings, young and old, get rid of heat by sweating. The evaporation of sweat on our bodies removes heat, which allows us to cool down much faster than other animals. Dogs and other pets might pant or release heat in other ways, but water is always the common denominator.

Make sure you stay hydrated and that your pets have plenty of water to drink. This might call for some tasty lemonade, or a great iced tea.

3. Enjoy Air Conditioning Elsewhere

One of the best times to see a movie at the theater is during a summer heatwave. Movie theaters are dark and they have powerful air conditioning systems that can cool entire groups of people.

Think about areas with air conditioning, or areas with summer fun like water park, and enjoy some cooling activities with the whole family!

4. Run Fans and Circulate Air

Fans are vital when temperatures are high and you don’t have air conditioning temporarily. Open up the windows and allow the hot air of your home to escape using the wind of a fan. Box fans and ceiling fans are perfect for this kind of situation.

5. Keep Sunlight Out and Go Low!

Have you ever noticed that the basement is the coolest part of the house when the heat arrives? That’s for two reasons.

The first reason is that your basement is the lowest area of your home, and heat rises. So no matter how hot it is, the hottest part of your home (without air conditioning) will always be the attic or the top floor.

The second reason is that your basement doesn’t have as much access to sunlight as other rooms. Sunlight carries warmth with it, and we urge homeowners to draw the curtains, blinds, or spend time in the basement to cool down.

Contact MarGo Plumbing Heating Cooling Inc. to have your air conditioner repaired ASAP!

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