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It’s Time to Beat the Heat

If you look at the calendar and at the heat trends, it’s no wonder why we’re starting to talk about the heat in our blog. Temperatures are reaching their peak in the summer, and it’s only a matter of time before we get inundated with heatwaves and record-breaking temperatures that seek to make us uncomfortable. So, as your local HVAC professional, we’d like to take steps to help all of our customers.

First of all, if your air conditioner is broken down or in need of services, then give our team a call for help. We can provide you with specialized, fast AC repair in Clifton, NJ that will get the job done. However, depending on where you live, it can sometimes take a few minutes to a few hours for us to schedule you in and arrive at your home to help.

So, in the meantime, we urge you to follow our guide on some strategies to beat the heat!

Stay Hydrated

Our bodies release heat through sweating. When sweat exits through the pores on our skin and is then evaporated, this process also eliminates heat that would otherwise be trapped inside of our bodies. While our furry friends might pant because they don’t have this ability, it’s what makes human beings so good at being in the sun without overheating.

However, this process does use a considerable amount of water, and we urge all of our friends and neighbors to stay hydrated this summer so you don’t become susceptible to the effects of heat stroke or heat exhaustion. Why not quench your thirst with a yummy smoothie or a deliciously cold lemonade?

Wear Loose Clothing

There’s a good reason why everyone wears shorts, t-shirts, bathing suits, and other types of clothing during the summer. No, we’re not talking about recent fashion trends–we’re talking about comfort!

Loose-fitting clothing can be a great way to eliminate heat by allowing airflow to evaporate sweat on your body. The more access your skin has to air, the easier it will be for you to get rid of excess body heat and cool down. So yes, wear those shorts and tank tops, and keep things loose and comfy!

Run Your Fans

Ceiling fans and box fans might seem unnecessary when you have an air conditioner, but they’re perfect for this kind of situation. If you’re waiting on AC repairs, or it’s an exceptionally hot day, we urge you to use your ceiling fan to help circulate cool air so that you can feel more comfortable.

Fans have the unique ability to make a room feel cooler than it is, while only using a tiny bit of electricity to run.

Stay Out of the Sun

Last but not least, we urge you to stay out of the sun when things are hot. The temperature of the air in direct sunlight is always going to be a lot hotter than the air in the shade or in your home. Use curtains, shades, and other furniture to keep sunlight out when you’re trying to remain cool and comfortable!

Get your AC fixed pronto by calling MarGo Plumbing Heating Cooling Inc.

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