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How to Avoid Furnace Repairs This Winter


The winter weather seems like it’s here to stay. New Jerseyans either love or hate the cold and the snow. But if there’s one thing we can all agree on it’s this: being able to tolerate our cold winters depends on having a reliable furnace at home.

There’s nothing better than coming home to a warm, toasty home after a day of being out and about in the cold weather. A dependable furnace isn’t a luxury here; it’s a necessity.

Now that you’ve been running your furnace for several months, how confident are you in it’s ability to warm your home through the rest of the season?

Although we’re always available for any heating repair in Wayne, NJ, it’s best to avoid repairs in the first place. To avoid unexpected and problematic heater repairs during the time when you need your heater the most, follow these tips.

Be on the Lookout for Potential Problems

Luckily, your furnace will let you know when it’s struggling to do its job. Call us if you experience any of the following issues:

  • Odd noises or bad smells coming from your furnace.
  • Uneven heating or lukewarm heat coming from the vents.
  • Increased utility bills (when you know they shouldn’t be rising).
  • Short cycling.

Change the Filter Regularly

This simple task is one that homeowners can do themselves.

Changing your furnace filter prevents dirt and dust that circulate your home from entering the internal components of your furnace. Just like with any complicated piece of machinery, you want to keep out contaminants that can interfere with how well it runs. 

It’s been proven that furnaces that have their filters changed regularly last longer than furnaces where the air filter is neglected.

Ideally, you should replace or clean the filter before the heating season starts and change it every 1-3 months for optimal performance.

Don’t Crank the Heat Up

Homeowners who experience lackluster performance from their furnace will often crank the heat up to make up for it. They assume that doing so will get their home to that desired temperature faster. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work that way. 

Turning the heat up won’t heat your home more efficiently or any faster. It certainly won’t help a furnace that’s struggling to do its job. It’ll just make your furnace work even harder and longer than it needs to which could result in a complete breakdown if it’s pushed past its breaking point.

A more efficient furnace means less annual heating costs. That also boils down to less wear and tear on your unit, which will help you save money in the long run (and you’ll replace your furnace less often as well).

Schedule Furnace Maintenance

If you didn’t schedule furnace maintenance at the start of the heating season, it’s not too late to do so! Your furnace will benefit from maintenance any time of year, especially if it’s been a while since it was maintained.

Look at it this way: it’s easier to schedule maintenance now than it is to call us when your furnace needs a repair or even worse: has completely broken down on the coldest day of the year.

Contact MarGo Plumbing Heating Cooling Inc. to schedule heating repairs today.

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