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Do I Really Need to Service My Boiler This Year?

Many people ask us about how often a boiler really needs to be serviced. Of course, the answer depends on you. You can choose whether or not to schedule annual boiler services—but we strongly recommend you do.

A boiler seems like a sturdy, reliable system. And it is—for the most part. But any system that uses combustion and electrical power, has moving parts, and has the potential to corrode requires routine maintenance. Period.

Potential Problems with Your Boiler

If you skip boiler service this year, it’s more likely that you’ll experience some of the problems that are most threatening to your boiler’s longevity and to your home. A thorough inspection, tune-up, and cleaning could help you to avoid these common problems:

  • Safety Issues: This is something we all want to avoid, no matter what. If your heating equipment is offering unsafely, putting your family at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning, you want to know about it so that you can put a stop to it. That’s what happens with a thorough inspection during a maintenance session.
  • Boiler Breakdowns: If you don’t have your boiler maintained regularly, you may be facing more frequent repairs and breakdowns in the middle of the winter. If an electrical part is loose, if the pumps aren’t working properly, or if there are any safety switches that are malfunctioning, you may not know about it until it’s too late, when the boiler actually breaks down.
  • Corrosion: That’s right; your boiler may be more likely to corrode quickly if you don’t maintain it regularly, something that would result in its eventual replacement. Regular cleaning and maintenance helps to prevent this.

What Maintenance Service Includes

When you schedule boiler maintenance services from a qualified and honest HVAC technician, you get more than just a simple inspection. A thorough look at all of the components—especially those known to cause trouble—should be standard with any tune-up from a qualified HVAC company.

You also get a tune-up, which may include cleaning out the tank, tightening electrical connections, and other steps that can improve the efficiency of the system and even add to its lifespan.

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