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Consider These Heating Upgrades This Season

young-woman-having-hot-tea-near-windowDo you know when you had your heater checked last? It’s important to take a moment every year to evaluate how your heater is performing. Is it more expensive to run now than before? Have you needed to get more than one repair for it in the last year? Is it over 10 years old?

A “yes” to any of these questions could be an indication that it’s time to have an inspection and think about heater replacement in Cedar Grove, NJ. There are plenty of options out there, but we can try to help you figure out which one is best for you.


Furnaces one of the most common heaters in the nation. They’re an all-around decent choice for their inexpensive installation costs, lifespan, and use of natural gas—a cheap fuel source. They aren’t always the most efficient in comparison to other heaters, however, so many homeowners may one day choose to upgrade their furnaces.

For those who do not have access to natural gas or don’t want to use it, electric furnaces are also an option. While these furnaces do run well, the cost of electricity can have an impact on your monthly energy expenses.

Heat Pumps

A heat pump essentially operates the same as an air conditioner, but with the bonus that it can reverse its functions. In other words, it can become a heater at the flick of a switch.


Your typical heat pump is installed very similarly to a central AC system or a furnace, meaning that it uses a series of ducts to transport air to every room of the home. While this is certainly one of the most cost-effective ways to provide air to every room, it lacks a level of control and flexibility.


So, if control and flexibility are your needs, then a ductless heat pump might be what you need. Ductless mini-split systems consist of one outdoor unit, and one air handler for every room of the home. Each air handler can be controlled individually with its own remote control. Monthly operational costs are lower, too, but their installation costs are more expensive.


Boilers are one of the most reliable and comfortable heating systems on the market. In general, they have fewer moving parts, meaning less frequent repairs. They do require pipes to be installed through the floors or walls of each room in the house, however, so that can make for an expensive installation. Even so, their method of heating is more efficient and can save homeowners money in their monthly energy costs.

Radiant Heating

Some kinds of boilers take advantage of what’s called “radiating heating.” The boiler runs hot water or steam through the pipes, and the heat that radiates from them warms the objects and people around them. Many homeowners agree that this form of heating is more comfortable than forced-air heating like that from a furnace or heat pump.

Radiant heating systems can also run on electricity and without the need for a boiler, but these are more expensive to operate.

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