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Frank Campanaro, This year
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Stuart Gray, This year

MarGo is the best and we won't let anyone else work on our house plumbing or steam boiler.

Mike services our boiler annually and the system runs like it is brand new even know it is 20 years old. We've only needed minimal repairs.

Xavier has done several plumbing repair jobs on our house and has been a complete professional who only recommends the services you absolutely need.

One of the best features of MarGo is they give you several options if your service/repair has multiple ways it can be handled. It's great to be able to choose how much you want to spend and how involved you want the service/repair to be.

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nancy colavito, This year
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Casey Chamra, This year
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Julie Allen, This year
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M W, This year

Our sewage pump went out yesterday afternoon and Margo had Xavier & Aughey out within two hours to replace it. Despite it being late in the day on a Friday before a holiday weekend and the pump not being close by; they quickly worked to source & install the parts same day. They were careful to not cause a mess and nice to work with. Highly recommended.

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John Rubino, This year
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Joey chic, This year

These guys are the best. Not many companies now a days when you can just leave a key and know everything will be perfect. Dino and the crew are awesome. Highly recommend Margo.

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chris haramis, This year

The whole Mar-go team is top notch, I have used them for over 20 years, and you could not find a better plumber. Goran, Xavier and the rest of the guys will do a great job for all your plumbing needs. Highly recommended!

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Sinboxer Dave, This year

Finally a company that has great customer service. The office was great and the technician was very friendly, prompt and knew his craft. I would absolutely recommend