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Louis Lou, Yesterday
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Sara Cortese, This week

On time

I called in the evening and they came out the next morning. They offered to come right then, but it wasn't an emergency. Amazing.

Dino explained why our sink was having an issue. We were given an option to fix it, or fix it AND the cause of the problem. Super!

We had several other plumbing jobs that we were procrastinating on and they were able to handle all of them that day. New water heater, new faucet, fixed bathtub drain. Wow.

The peace of mind that our house's plumbing is taken care of is great. Thank you!

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Steven Weiner, This week

These guys are great. They do the job right.

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Elissa Kline, Last week

Dino was very quick, efficient, and left everything clean. I'm happy with the repair.

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Andreas Baumert, Last week

Adam did a fantastic job. He was incredibly knowledgeable, communicative, and professional. A great clean job in installing a new hot water heater and replacing some old plumbing. The job was done with great care to the house and he was very clear in explaining the process and options for the work that is needed. Would highly recommend them to anyone!

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Sandra Silva, Last week

I'm always so pleased with their service. Mike and Adam are so professional and knowledgeable, and really care about their company and clients.and Sue is great handling dispatch. I know that when they come to my house, my problems are going to be resolved quickly and efficiently. I recommend them highly!

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Matthew Kapell, Last week

There was, simply, a lot to do in our new (but old) house. The team at MarGo excelled in a number of ways. Firstly, they explained everything that the felt needed doing, and why, in a way I could understand - without being the slightest bit condescending about it, too. Secondly, they were very upfront on the expected time and cost. And, as it happened, during their first day in our house we experienced a death in the family and they continued working but with a lot of sympathy and kindness.

While the whole team was just great I'll single out Dino P because he was especially good at providing the explanations.

My wife put this best, saying, "They aren't the plumbers who did this job, now. They're our plumbers going forward."

Debbie Krajewski's Profile Image
Debbie Krajewski, This month

Always a pleasure working with Joe and his crew they have done several repairs for us and we are always happy

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stodbob, This month

The MarGo guys showed up on time, assessed the situation, handled the pipe fix and troubleshooted where they could access the clogged pipe. Dino and Xavier could not have been more professional. MarGo is lucky to have these guys on the payroll.

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Charlie Donoghue, This month

Xavier did a great job replacing my hot water heater