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Margaret Mucha Corrado's Profile Image
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Margaret Mucha Corrado, 3+ years ago

Five stars! MarGo is the best in the business, and Jesse is fabulous. He is professional, courteous, and knows his stuff. He is very thorough in explaining to the homeowner what the problem is and how he is going to fix it. Highly recommended!

rita wolff's Profile Image
rita wolff, 3+ years ago

Very pleased. Hot water heater installed in tight place. Work was done neatly and efficiently with no damage to our floors or walls. Staff was pleasant, courteous and answered all our questions. Would use this company again. Jesse D very knowledgeable.

Jason Rondeau's Profile Image
Jason Rondeau, 3+ years ago

I call MarGo for all of my plumbing problems. I own a multi-family house and previously owned another multi-family house in Montclair, NJ. MarGo may seem on the pricier side at first but in the end you will save money because they do the right job the right way. They tell you what work you shouldn't do, give you options and help you pick the best one for your situation. The work gets done quickly and with high quality, they explain everything thoroughly and if for some very odd rare reason you have a problem after they have done work, they will fix it.

KSD NJ's Profile Image
KSD NJ, 3+ years ago

We have used Margo Plumbing for several jobs. We have been very satisfied with the entire them. They all do excellent work, stand by all warranties, and are very knowledgeable and customer friendly. We will always turn to Margo for our plumbing needs. Mike B has done most of our work and he is always very professional.

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Sarah Gerdes, 3+ years ago

Every experience with Margo has been outstanding. Joe is careful, courteous and extremely professional. He takes all the time necessary to solve the issues and I'm always 100% satisfied with the result.

Matt Casamento's Profile Image
Matt Casamento, 3+ years ago

The techs just left my house & they were so good I had to come on and give a 5 star rating. Mike & Dino were true pros. They respect the home, explain the problem so that you understand it & go over all options with you.

This was my first experience with a plumbing service at our new home and now I'll always go to this company first moving forward.
(repair - leaking shower faucet, hot water heater issue)

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Carol Baker, 3+ years ago

Margo is my go to plumbing company. Joe is excellent even tries to walk you through problems over the phone before they come out. They make me feel comfortable and don't talk down to you, which I appreciate. Yes, they are not cheap but I have found out in life that cheap is not always the best way to go. Thanks again for the excellent service and the extra mile you go! We have used them for probably about 13 years now (two houses).

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Michael Bolin, 3+ years ago

I have used Margot Plumbing several times for plumbing jobs around the house. From simple to very complicated jobs, they have always been quick to make appointments, showed up on time, offered several options for every job with different price options. They clean up and are very friendly. I would highly recommend.

Tom Limoncelli's Profile Image
Tom Limoncelli, 3+ years ago

We've been using MarGo to maintain our home's steam heating system for 10+ years. They're always professional and knowledgeable. Recently we had them install central A/C and we are very happy with their work.

Richard Stockinger's Profile Image
Richard Stockinger, 3+ years ago